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HotSpot Search Tool
HotSpot Search Tool is to find the position distribution of the peptides in different proteins.
Step 1: Food-borne protein(s) selection (note: You can only choose one of the two selection methods).
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Classification: Source: Protein name:
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Bovine milk Camel milk Human milk Horse milk Rabbit milk Goat milk
Sheep milk Wallaby milk Mouflon milk Buffalo milk
Barley Rape Oat Soybean Wheat Maize
Rice Sorghum Amaranth Garden pea Broad bean Ginkgo
Pumpkin Sunflower Serendipity berry White lupine Buckwheat Celery
Peanut Sesame Kidney bean Lentil Runner bean Rye
Chicken Bovine Pig Dog Dove Rabbit
Horse Goat Sheep Carp
Atlantic salmon Chum salmon Palmaria palmata Tuna Red alga Pyropia yezoensis
Rainbow trout Hake Cod Crab Lobster Eel
Yeast Lactobacillus Acetobacter aceti Agaricus bisporus
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