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Enzymatic Hydrolysis Prediction Tool (EHP-Tool)
Introduction EHP-Tool can cleave a given protein sequence according to the potential cleavage sites of proteases to obtain potential bioactive peptides. EHP-Tool will return the detailed information of the cleaved sequence, thereby to carry out relevant analysis on the resulting sequence, such as restriction site, sequence activity, bitterness prediction, etc.
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Step1: Please select or enter a protein/peptide sequence.
Food source proteins Classification: Source: Protein name:
Manual input
Please select the protein through the selection list above, or directly enter the protein or peptide sequence in the input box below, e.g. 'SERVELAT' (note: you can only choose one of the two selection methods):
Step2: Please select simulated hydrolase.
Select enzymes
Select all available enzymes or combinations
Do not select all available enzymes or combinations
Get the reverse selection of the current enzyme(s) or combination(s)
Default selection: Hydrolysis with human gastrointestinal endopeptidases (pepsin, trypsin and α-chymotrypsin).
All available enzymes
Chymotrypsin Ficin Prolyl oligopeptidase
Trypsin Proteinase K Pancreatic elastase
Pepsin (pH = 1.3) Clostripain Pancreatic elastase II
Pepsin (pH ≥ 2) Thermolysin Cathepsin G
Glutamyl endopeptidase (pH = 4) Chymotrypsin C Chymase
Glutamyl endopeptidase (pH = 7.8) Leukocyte elastase Thrombin
Glutamyl endopeptidase II Stem bromelain Coagulation factor Xa
Oligopeptidase B Calpain-2 Glycyl endopeptidase
Lactocepin Xaa-Pro dipeptidase Subtilisin
the cleavage of the protein. the fields.
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